The Ultimate in Wireless Surround Sound

The Ultimate in Wireless Surround Sound

For true music lovers, today’s advances in professional quality stereo equipment and home automation are a dream come true.

Depending on how much you are willing or able to invest, you can enjoy an in-home audio experience that is specially designed for each living space and ability to be personalized for different members of the household, all controllable at the swipe of an app. Considering going forward with a home theatre or man cave? Why not enjoy your favorite music throughout your home?

We’ve all grown accustomed to having access to our own personal sound experiences since the age of the Walkman… to the Discman… and now the smartphone. Then there’s your car – your theatre in traffic, or through a road trip. Why would you not want your home to have the same level of custom audio experience that you already have everywhere else? We can give you the ability to wake-up to music (along with sunlight and your bedroom lighting coming-up should you decide to fully automate your home), set the mood for your evening after a long day at work with your preferred playlist for the evening. Set your next dinner party to a playlist perfect for the collection of people and the mood of the evening.

When it comes to deciding which smart audio system to invest in, there are several key factors to consider:

  • Sound Quality:  Are you a true audiophile? If yes… then you may want to skip to other posts on hard-wired speakers… as wireless has yet to equal the true sound quality available via wires.
  • Price:  Just like any other investment, you get what you pay for!
  • Design: All three of the options we choose to feature in this post is design-forward, though we all have our own aesthetic.
  • Invasiveness: The reason we are featuring wireless choices is that it is much less invasive to add a wireless system than to have our team run wire in your home or business, though if you are planning for a new build, running wire before the drywall goes in is much less of a concern.

The benefits of setting up a wireless system include the ease of integrating audio into an existing home without running wiring as well as easy re-configuration if you decide to redecorate. The potential quality of the audio is higher with wired-in systems, which we will explore in a future post.

Here are 3 of our favorite wireless smart home audio solutions:

1. Sonos One

The best multi-room speaker now comes with Alexa

Sonos have long been leaders in the multi-room audio market. Clearly, one can pay more for truly state-of-the-art equipment, but for most consumers, Sonos rates as good to excellent quality includes full Alexa AI integration with this latest iteration of the Sonos One, as well as a plethora of other integrations with market-leading streaming apps.

Due to the high number of available integrations, using the app can be a bit unwieldy, just one more reason we recommend accessing the Sonos system through Crestron as part of your overall smart home design.


Connectivity: Sonos app allows connectivity to Apple Music, Spotify Connect, Amazon, Tidal and a lot more, Wi-Fi, Ethernet

Room size: Small to medium

Multi-room: Yes


+ Amazing sound for size and price

+ Alexa built-in

+ Attractive styling in white or black


- Alexa implementation not perfect

- Sonos app is a bit sprawling


2. Naim Mu-so

The best premium wireless speaker

Naim products put sound first and have the reputation to back that claim. You will pay a higher price for Naim’s focus on sound quality and design… but we won’t fault you for drooling if you choose to outfit your space with Naim and then just can’t help yourself.

Per the specifications below – the Naim line connects with most home automation and streaming services you might expect these days, the exception being Chromecast. The 3.5mm and USB inputs enable a multi-room experience and/ or workaround to systems that have yet to be integrated with Naim. The writers at CNet don’t all feel that the brand’s claims on quality + style are worth the price… but since when do we all agree?

Overall – gorgeous sound and design.


Connectivity: AirPlay, Spotify Connect, UPnP, Tidal, Bluetooth, USB, optical digital, analog, Wi-Fi, Ethernet

Room size: Medium to very large

Multi-room: Yes


+ Monumental sound

+ Wide connectivity

+ Looks fantastic


- Higher cost

- No Chromecast


3. Master and Dynamic MA770

Best-of-class ultra-premium wireless speaker

Master and Dynamic are up to the challenge of impressing even your most judgmental music-loving friends. There is simply not another wireless speaker on the market that can compare to the sound quality, range and lack of distortion that the Master and Dynamic MA770 delivers.

Not for the faint-of-heart, these babies feature Kevlar woofers, titanium tweeters, and acoustic construction with a discrete channel for each speaker, making them not only superiorly designed from a material standpoint but also quite heavy. Think custom audio systems in demo cars… just in beautiful wireless speaker form.

Connectivity is less of a focus than sound quality and design when it comes to these, but since they work with Chromecast, there are full integration options.


Connectivity: Google Chromecast (enables Spotify, Tidal, etc), Bluetooth, 3.5mm analog, optical digital, Wi-Fi

Room size: Medium to very large

Multi-room: Yes


+ Incredible sound

+ Incredible look


- High price

- No AirPlay, USB or RCA connection


Whether you are price, audio-quality, or design focused, we are happy to chat with you about a wireless (or hardwired) audio solution for your home or business. Our team is serious about listening, to you and to music, be it classic rock, country, or podcasts, we can certainly nerd-out with your (re)design, price, and ease-of-install considerations. 

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Carl Mason