Smart Doorbell: Yes or No?

We realize that we are strongly biased toward the latest nifty gadgets when it comes to potential solutions for our client’s homes & business (not to mention our own homes), but despite our biases, there are several factors that lead us to believe that smart doorbells and locks are the new standards.  There are a lot of smart doorbells on the market these days, why bother with one that simply chimes inside your home?

Aside from our stated bias for fun tech, we would like to present you with several considerations when deciding how your front entry will function; security, convenience & social preparedness.


Are you by chance an Amazon Prime member? Or if not Amazon – do you ever have mail delivered that’s too big for your mailbox that may be stranded on the porch some time?

We don’t know about you, but we appreciate the ability to greet our delivery person, as well as have video evidence of the arrival of our latest toy if that item should, in fact, go missing before our arrival home.

Doorbell camera.jpg

Package delivery is just a sliver of one’s concerns though when it comes to security at your residence. Studies and law enforcement alike attest to the fact that the ability to talk to anyone suspicious at your door as if you may just be standing on the other side of said door provide more security than almost any other feature you could hope to employ in your own defense. Those without your best interests in mind seek to use the element of surprise to their advantage, and if you take that away, odds are that they will choose to move on rather than pursue a situation where there is clearly monitoring, evidence, and someone aware of their presence.


With everything that is available via an app these days, we can think of little else that rates above the security and convenience of having a notification ping you when someone approaches your door. That is what we all work for right? Our home, our castle, our family (or goldfish’s) security and comfort.

Give us a call and we’ll be happy to tell you some amusing story about the various uses our team members have put their doorbell speakers up to, from greeting the cleaning crew, the UPS delivery man and the neighbor’s dog, to greeting dinner guests before they can even ring the doorbell.

Social Preparedness

Having guests over for wine or the weekend? What better way to let them know you’ve seen them and will be home soon. Pair a smart doorbell with a smart lock and you can even remind your forgetful college kid of the code to get in as they unpack the car.

We are also big fans of smart doorbells and locks for our customers and family members who are adjusting and upgrading their homes in preparation to age-in-place with comfort and grace. Whether you have multiple residences, travel frequently, or are not as mobile as you once were, preventing you to get to the door the second someone arrives, it is definitely an added benefit to being able to communicate with someone at the door from anywhere, no matter if you are just taking your time crossing the room, or thousands of miles away.

Our Top 3 Picks

We can attest from our own team’s experience that is a convenient, easy-to-install, easy to monitor smart doorbell.

Ring Doorbell.jpg

At a price point that’s friendly for almost anyone looking for some starter smart-tech. The company is also quickly adding to their product and service offerings, which presently include security cameras and accessories which we expect will continue to diversify.

SkyBell HD: Best of the Truly DIY

 The options for DIY smart technology are growing every day, as a quick search on Amazon can prove at a moment’s notice. SkyBell HD, though not as well known in the marketplace as Ring, wins-out on most of our team’s priorities for this particular device.


SkyBell features high-quality 1080p video, an app that is easy to navigate, and extremely quick response time when triggered onsite. Like Ring, you will receive notifications via the app when visitors or packages arrive, you may speak to your guests, expected or not via the speaker and microphone, and record any suspicious activity for later evidence. They also provide a relatively generous amount of cloud-based storage of your recorded content before urging you to sign-up for an ongoing monthly plan for monitoring and storage of recorded video.

DoorBird: Best Integration with Crestron

Though we are always happy to help our clients purchase, install, and service technology that is usually considered “DIY,” clearly, as experts in the smart home integration space, we would be remiss not to profile an offering in this category that is designed to integrate fully with our favorite smart home control manufacturer, Crestron.

Crestron is the industry leader for a reason. Their design, function, and warranty set them far-and-away above most of the completion, especially new entrants to the internet of things. DoorBird is German engineering and design at it’s finest, which can be DIY if one so desires, but as we already mentioned, is also ideal for integrating into your Crestron home automation system.


This is our highest-price recommendation. The brushed steel and flush mounted design justify the price point, not to mention the HD video, 180-degree wide-angle hemispheric lens, 4D motion sensor, RFID. API. PoE. SIP. IP65. Infrared Night-Vision, and oh yeah… bank-level encryption baby.

So… are you ready to move on up to added security, convenience and social grace at the touch of an app?

Let’s talk!