Cameras – Better When Smarter?

Cameras – Better When Smarter?

If you are considering investing in a closed-circuit camera surveillance system, or CCTV, whether “smart,” or not, we have a hunch you are looking for a security upgrade that also blends-in with your home’s aesthetics. There is a wide range of options available spanning DIY and less expensive, to more inconspicuous, or design-forward, higher functioning and thus more expensive.

Equally important to consider when looking into a home surveillance system is the value of your time relative to the installation, upkeep, and programming of your system. If you are like many of our customers, you not only want to protect your home and family, but you have little free time and place great value on the peace of mind knowing that an expert team has installed everything to your specifications and is available if and when you would like to upgrade or reprogram your system.

Let’s explore some of the options in today’s marketplace.

DIY + Less Expensive

There are literally thousands of options for relatively inexpensive security camera set-ups available at the click of a mouse. We like how Houzz displays and filters options, but if you are an avid Amazon shopper, they’ve got a world of options as well. We titled this first price-point DIY because if the price is your main objective, we are pretty sure that you won’t be reaching out for help designing your system, installing, or for ongoing maintenance.

Starting at around $500, you will be able to find a system that records to DVR, with apps available in many cases to enable you to monitor your home from afar. The price of equipment is a draw for many households, but as you can see in the following example, you are usually looking at a clunky design that is unlikely to blend into your home’s overall look, not to mention the many hours you will spend running cable, concealing said cable, installing the cameras, and then learning to program the system via the DVR and app.

An inexpensive DVR-based system listed on Houzz:


720P Tribrid HDCVI 8CH 2TB DVR Security Camera System With 8 1MP Cameras, Black$579.99



For a few hundred dollars beyond the example above, you can find a full selection of camera systems with higher functionality, as far as picture quality and system capabilities, as well a greater emphasis on lower-profile design.

Here is a Revo America system listed on Houzz for just over $1,000 that features hemispheric lenses for a greater range of visibility, as well as sleeker design, and 84-megapixel cameras.


Ultra HD 8 Ch. 2TB NVR Surveillance System with 8 4 Megapixel Cameras$1,079



Our team has an admitted favorite brand when it comes to higher-performance surveillance systems. Mobotix is a German company with a full range of German designed and manufactured camera systems. All Mobotix systems offer industry-leading quality regarding the video captured, even in the extremely low light. Mobotix units almost all come with two-way audio capabilities so that whether you have an expected or unexpected guest at a door or window, you can talk to them via your smartphone and let them know how to get in or that you will be alerting authorities accordingly.

We also greatly appreciate the level of service that comes with each Mobotix unit. Unlike many notable higher-end models, they do not charge licensing or software fees, transforming their product into a “future proof” investment. All units are fully weather-proofed, and have no restrictions in terms of number of users, or number of units on your system, so even if you have multiple homes and family members around the globe, you will all be able to access any of your properties’ cameras easily and securely without having to share limited log-in capabilities.

Mobotix units are each equipped with video analysis & event detection capabilities, as well as encrypted recording, so their operation necessitates much less energy, server space, or risk of a data breach vs the competition. The brand also has a wide range of units that feature extremely low-profile design, thus minimally impacting your home of office’s aesthetics with maximal functionality.

Perfect Protection • Professional Features

6MP MiniDome Indoor Camera v25/v26

  • Standalone: Full functionality @ zero bandwidth
  • Video Sensor: MxActivitySensor reducing false alarms
  • Event Recording: Onboard (SD card) & direct to NAS
  • MxAnalytics: Heat map & people counting
  • Alarm Notification: E-mail, FTP & VoIP (SIP)
  • Communication: Two-way audio option
  • Power: Standard PoE below 4W
Blog pic-1.jpg

While an investment in a Mobotix system is considerably more than the other examples we’ve given regarding the up-front cost of the product, installation, and programming to operate in concert with your existing or new home automation system, we truly believe you will be happy with the quality of your system for years to come.

Contact us to set-up a time to chat about your objectives regarding a home security system.

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