So, You are Considering Investing in Home Automation?

Today’s consumer market is flooded with all sorts of DIY options for “Smart Home” and “Internet of Things” (IoT) Technology… adding to the general buzz about smart technology, home automation, and connected devices.

Following Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods, you can even pick-up an Amazon Echo or Dot in the organic produce section.


In our experience, people tend to fall into one of a couple categories from a motivation standard when they seek us out to start looking into home automation. Early adopters, or self-identified geeks, who consistently seek-out the latest and greatest in technical and niche-market products, lifestyle connoisseurs, and those who may be planning on “aging in place” in their current or future home, and would like to plan for as much designed-in convenience as possible to assist with future needs.

We are definitely a team of geeks, and so we relate to those of you who self-identify as being on the geeky side of curious. We are inherently driven to seek-out what’s new & innovative from a technology perspective, as well as in other areas of life, such as fun food & cocktail recipes, great hikes (we are in the Pacific NW after all), and awesome HBO & Netflix programming (Winter is Coming)

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The second segment of consumers we work with often, those seeking an upgrade in lifestyle, are generally a perfect match for our preferred technology partner, Crestron. They are the market leader in hospitality and custom home automation, with the most advanced system design, best warranties, and truly outstanding quality.

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Finally, we also love working with those of you who are actively planning on either retrofitting your current space or building a home suited to “aging in place.” According to a recent AARP study, 73% of people over 45 plan on retiring in their current home, as opposed to a nursing home or institution. 41% plan to stay in their homes until age 81 or older. Thus, it does not come as any surprise that there is a growing demand for home remodels, as well as new builds focused on mobility, upgraded, “smart” lighting, elevators or chair lifts and bathrooms fitted with walk-in tubs and grab bars included in the design.

At the end of the day, each person’s motivation is unique as they are, and we look forward to starting the conversation with you as to what has you considering the addition of smart technology into your new build or remodel plans.

These are some of the most common benefits to a fully integrated home we have encountered when clients seek us out to upgrade their current or future space:


  • Energy Saving
  • Convenience
  • Lower energy footprint
  • Design savvy
  • Lifestyle upgrade
  • Safety features & control at home as well as when away for work or vacation
  • The draw of innovation
  • Improvement to your home’s resale value

Nothing worthwhile comes without costs, and these are some you should consider:

  • The up-front investment in any smart home system
  • The learning curve of each member of your household with the new technology
  • Future changes to technology that will necessitate upgrades to remain functional as well as current

First Step:

Let’s talk! Contact us and we’ll set-up a call to chat about what your interests and needs are as far as your home’s connectivity, audio & video, security or other systems to maximize the lifestyle you live at home.