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How we work

From the moment you contact us, it is our team's objective to ensure that your experience is flawless. Whether you are building a new custom home, remodeling a home you love, or designing a high-end work space for your team, we seek to WOW when it comes to communication and capability.

We will schedule an initial consultation to learn what your goals for your space are, and from there will work with your design team, architect, and/ or general contractor as applicable to the design of your low-volt system.   

Once we understand your objectives and goals, we can begin the design process for all the automated systems you want to include in your final site plan. When each technology system is fully documented in advance of construction, there are fewer surprises (delays), making all parties happier about the pace of work. Our project managers will also stay involved throughout the design and implementation process to ensure you and the other professionals involved are kept up-to-date as to progress made and any changes needed to the initial plans can be addressed immediately.


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Integration Engineers delivers total solutions that manage your home's environment, entertainment, and security needs. With our innovative solutions, you can control your environment, cut energy costs, and have the entertainment experience of your dreams. 

Integration Engineers can phase in new technology into your existing home or start from the ground up. Schedule, monitor, and manage from within your home on easy-to-use touch panels, PC's, and tablets or remotely via smart device apps. 

We can automate:

  • Touch Screen & Universal Remotes

  • Audio & Video Integration

  • Lighting Controls

  • Locks & Security Systems

  • HVAC & Shade Control

  • Voice Integration

  • Networks

  • Professional Gaming Setups

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Traditional Services (billed at $140 an hour):

  • TV Installation & Mounting

  • Consulting

  • Troubleshoot Current Audio/ Video equipment

  • Antenna Installation

  • General Computer Repair & Maintenance

  • General WiFi Setup


Commercial & Healthcare

In a crowded marketplace, how do you differentiate yourself from competitors? Providing innovative, cutting edge electronic technology, and building control systems can be a great start. Employees will thrive with collaboration and tech tools at their fingertips. Your bottom line will thank you with reduced energy costs through effective climate controls.

  • Monitor and manage control systems like HVAC, lighting, shades, water systems, audio/ video, and more within your building

  • Integrate video/teleconferencing and add microphones and sound to existing rooms

  • Market onsite and up-sell with digital signage

  • Ensure crisp sound and video throughout the building

  • Protect and secure your facility with HIPPA-complaint video surveillance

  • Go green and conserve energy with environmental controls

  • Custom lighting and shades in designer colors and materials

Large projects take time, resources, flexibility and a willingness to work with each other. All projects start with an initial consultation to figure out the Scope of Work. The consultation is followed up with a proposal with multiple revisions and finally, an agreed upon estimate. We work closely with you and your other contractors to ensure a seamless workflow and an on-time completion of the project. 

When starting a low-volt project some things to think about include:

  • A list of current systems and how you would like to integrate them

  • What return on investment is wanted

  • Current lighting controls

  • Current HVAC controls

  • Security throughout the building

  • Audio and Video integration in common areas and conference rooms


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