What is home automation?

  • Everywhere you look today you see the terms “smart home,” “internet of things” and “home automation,” these terms are used in relation to everything from a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-enabled appliance to whole home or building automation capable of controlling all the electrical and technology systems on site.

  • We specialize in helping individuals and companies design, install and maintain full home or building solutions that go above and beyond DIY solutions such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home to integrate audio/ video, lighting, HVAC, security and even blinds to save energy, and make the home or office setting more luxurious, intuitive and efficient.

  • Many of today’s top-tier appliances and systems offer automated features. It is completely up to you, the consumer, to decide how much you would like to integrate these options into a full home or office control system so that you can operate and manage your spaces from home, work, or while traveling.

  • Whether your main interest is safety, energy savings, or luxury, there are many reasons to consider.

How much will a smart home system cost?

  • The amount you invest will completely depend on what you want to include in your system, the complexity and your desired level of performance.

  • A stellar audio/ video system for your home theater or man cave can start around $20,000.

  • If you are interested in discussing a full-home system to control your HVAC, lighting, Audio/ Video, blinds, and security, we will build you a custom quote based on your priorities and go from there.

Do you work with businesses or homeowners more?

  • We specialize in helping healthcare and corporate clients save money as well as staff’s time by designing building-wide control systems that integrate their existing technology and allow easy accessibility via smart phone, iPad, or PC to administrators.

  • We are also happy to work with discerning home owners who are seeking the best of available tech to add convenience and added luxury to their lifestyle at home.

  • What control systems do you program and support?

  • We are a Crestron Dealer with certified programming staff.

  • If necessary, we can work with other operating systems, as our techs each have years in the field working with other systems.

Can you install my existing equipment in my new home?

  • We are happy to work with your existing equipment whenever possible.

  • We don’t typically do simple installation projects.

  • Our clients are seeking a custom solution for their space and though we may be able to integrate existing equipment or design ideas, our team truly shines when they get to design a full solution using the best technology on the market today.

How long will it take to get my system?

  • Usually, we can accommodate a reasonable schedule.

  • If you are building new or remodeling, we will collaborate with you, your contractor and other subcontractors on your project to meet timelines.

  • We prefer not to rush through the decision-making and design process because it affects the final outcome of your system.

Do you have a showroom?

  • We have a show home with a Crestron control system, fully integrated A/V, lighting, HVAC, security system and doorbell cameras where we are happy to host clients for assorted beverages and conversation.

  • We are also happy to coordinate a visit to one of Crestron’s fully-appointed showrooms in conjunction with your travel to LA, Chicago, New York, etc., so that you can see every possible option in person as you prioritize your objectives.

What kind of documentation do I get with my system?

  • If you are working with an architect on a new-build or remodel, we would love to be included in the design conversations as soon as possible so that we can work with their team and add automated system specs directly to the blueprints.

  • You will also receive detailed drawings of all applicable rack systems (where the digital control system for your home or office lives), all of your equipment manuals, as well as warranty information and complete equipment listings.

Will you maintain my system?

  • We encourage our clients to call us immediately if they have any questions or issues.

  • When it is beneficial to you, we offer a maintenance contract for service and it can be tailored to your needs.

  • Clearly, the changing pace regarding new technology on the consumer market is picking up speed… Should you choose an ongoing service contract, we will be able to discuss updates when we come to do regular maintenance.

If you have more specific questions, please contact us!